Rookie Lifeguards

If your children are budding lifeguards, then the Rookie Lifeguard Award should be just what you are looking for.

As well as offering parents the comfort of knowing their children are aware of the dangers of swimming in open water, the Bronze, Silver and Gold stage awards ensure children have a solid safety education, and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

The programme features swimming and lifesaving skills supported by the water safety education, allowing participants to enjoy swimming as an activity and, vitally, to protect their lives should an accident occur in or out of the water.

Each stage is sub-divided into three levels and each stage runs for 10 weeks. Your children can enter a course at any point during the stage and progress at his or her own speed.

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme also comes with the Water Safety Award, the Life Support Award and the Achievement Awards.

Rookie Lifeguards will work towards bronze, silver and gold awards, with three awards at each level. The Rookie Lifeguard programme is aimed primarily at children from eight years old and above.

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